Does wife swapping healthy for relationships?

The couple, who have no children, has been together for 8 years. Sometimes they would dress up to spicy their sex life. Recently, Helen read a swingers story on Google and began to be curious about threesomes and swinger relationships. The wife began to think about finding a real swingers  couple on swinger websites to discuss it.

She decided to set an account on swinger websites for a swinger relationship - an adventure they hadn't explored before in their 8-year relationship. Helen started out posting on the site solo and it left his husband Duke annoyed after he knew it. Duke was getting annoyed at first as she was on her phone all the time and would spend a lot of time doing it all. 

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And he got angrier when he found out that Helen was using sex sites. Duke didn't have a clue about the site before Helen explained it to him. Like senior sizzle, and other sls swinger websites, Helen told him it's a place to find real swinger couples and she wanted to know more about swingers lifestyle and would tell him after she got enough knowledge.

Duke could understand why Helen didn't tell him in advance since it is a big thing. Helen thought it was no big deal since they've talked threesome and used sex sites before. The most important thing is that she was going to tell him if she want to have a try. While she was only curious about real swingers stories of those couples. And she explained that she would not go to any swinger clubs or any other sex clubs alone.

The relationship was in a tense situation during the following 2 weeks till Helen started getting loads of likes on her profile. She told Duke that there were couples who started asking for pictures of the couple together. At first, Helen kept saying no but then she decided to take the opportunity to restart the discussion with Duke.

Helen told Duke the swinger stories about wife swapping she read weeks ago. Then she showed her profile and messages with other members on the swingers websites. They talked a lot, about the swinging lifestyle, threesomes, and role-play that they've tried before. Finally, Duke agreed to have a try on swinger sites. 

Helen changed her profile to a couple account and changed the main photo from single to a couple photo. As they lived in New York, they began searching for local swingers on the site. Along with those couples who have already connected with Hennan before, the couple finally decided to meet a mature couple near the town from 3 potential matches.

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Swinging lifestyle and other opening relationship has been trending in alternative practice in recent years. This phenomenon doesn't necessarily destroy a relationship or marriage because traditional monogamy is not for everyone.

Wife swapping can strengthen certain relationships, especially those who have lived together for over 5 years. It puts too much pressure on one to meet all of their partner's needs. Being open becomes a way to fix the marriage by bringing fresh air to the boring and stressed life.

Having sex with strangers may also sound like a death sentence for marriage for average couples, but you will find many open couples who have saved their marriage if you google online. Those open couples choose to live an alternative lifestyle. They’ve enjoyed that aspect of their relationship so much they're exploring new adventures together based on their swinging lifestyle.

That is to say, it depends on the different situations. Not all relationship is suitable for pursuing swinger lifestyle. If sex is an issue that is affecting your relationship, you can consider wife swapping or a threesome to stimulate your bed life. While if is personality or value, swinging and role play will only be like a drop in the bucket or even only have the opposite effect.

Wife swapping can help a marriage as long as both partners agree to an open relationship and have communicated with each other. This means that you should never go to any swinger clubs or sex sites alone before communicating with your partner. Don't think thank you are smart to make it a surprise to bring a third party to your bed life without communication in advance. And this will suitable for all kinds of group dating like threesome, cuckold dating, and wife swapping.

There are growing couples who are opening up their marriage and exploring alternative lifestyles for many reasons, including sexual boredom, curiosity, and wanting to explore different aspects of their sexuality. If you are not sure whether a swinging lifestyle is healthy for your current relationship, go to a swinger club and talk with others who practice non-monogamy before trying a party to test the waters. Getting as much insight as possible can help you make an informed decision and avoid some common mistakes real swingers couples make.

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