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What is swinging?

Swinging is more well-konwn as wife swapping or sex swing. It is a partner-swapping game in which two couples in a committed relationship change their partners for sexual activities. Swinging lifestyle is those real swinger couples who live in this kind of polyamorous relationship or open marriage.

Why do people choose swinger lifestyle?

People may choose a swinging lifestyle for a variety of reasons. It sounds like a tatoo, but you could find description about wife swapping and sex swing in the novels easily. Some couples are sexually curious about this kind of alternative lifesyle. They want to explore a new possibility and increase the quality of their sex life. While in most cases, couples who are persuing swinger lifestyle see swinging as a healthy outlet to strengthen their relationships. And the result shows that some people do have better sex once they start swinging.

Is swinging cheating?

Swinging is definitedly not cheating. Wife swapping has nothing to do with cheating since both parties are involved in it if you've checked what is swinging. It's an alternative lifestyle in an open marriage or a polyamorous relationship. And you will enjoy swinging lifestyle only when both of you want to try it. Neither of you should try to force the other into the swinging lifestyle. It just won’t work! Another significant factor for a successful sex swing experience is to have a pre-conversation bewtween you and your partner. How could it be cheating when both of you know it?

Is there any way to identify a swinger?

There is no specific icon to identify couples who live with swinging lifestyle. Oh, you've heard the stories about white rocks, pineapples, anklets on women, etc. but those aren’t sure signs at all. And you also know the joke: what a real swinger supposedly wear? We put pampas grass outside our house. but it's only a joke. It doesn't make any sense. Imagin a creepy guy know about the hint, would he do something creepy at the deep night when he walk by your house?

Does swinging fix a marriage or relationship?

There are some people who want to try swinging only because they are trying to save their marriages, which is doomed to fail. Swinging won’t fix a broken marriage. Sometimes a healthy marriage just can’t survive the swinging lifestyle. Jealousy and other issues may occure along with sex swing. Then it become the trust issue that ruins your relationship. So we always say that couples shouldn't try wife swapping when their relationship is already on rocky ground. Remember, swinging, threesome or group dating will not going to fix a marriage or relationship!

Are there any rules to swinging lifestyle?

Yes, there are rules, and every couple should set their own rules from the very begining. Setting rules in advance could avoid most contronable issues that may ruin your relationship. For example, if your hot wife can't accept you kiss the other person since it feels intimate, you'd better disscuss it beforehand.

Some mature swinger couple may also want to try foursome swing, but there are some who only accept oral sex for wife swapping. That's why we need a pre-talk to set some rules for this new alternative lifestyle. Communication is the key to respecting boundaries.

rules of swinger lifestyle

Another important rule for swing lifestyle is using condoms and keeping safe sex. Unprotected sex is a risk for everyone since there is not only pregnent issue, but risk of STDs. Having multiple partners increases the chance of STI transmission. Condoms decrease the risk of both when you’re having sex.

Does swinging have to be last forever?

Like any other polyamorous relationships, wife swapping will also require much communication between both parties. You can stop it anytime when you think the swing starting to have a bad influence on your relationship. Some sex experts suggest that the sex swing only lasts a few years for most couples. If you are curious about wife swapping, you can try it after disscuss with your parner.

How to have a succeful swinging experience?

You must have a strong relationship and you two must respect each other. Make sure your partner enjoys it as much as you do before going to a swinger party or using any swinger websites. You can talk about difficult topics to set your boundries before wife swapping, such as jealousy, sex...

Meanwhile, no matter how much your partner trusts you, talking about the experience after swinging is also needed. You could always make adjudement if there is any problems found in the talking, which will help you lead towards the way to a healthy relationship.

Apart from the respect for each other, you should also be honest. You and your partner decided the things together to fullfill both of your sexual fantasy and kinky fetish.

Then you go for a swinger party and find a swiger couple near you. Remember not to talk about your spouse with your swinger partner when you two are alone. It can make things awkward and turn your swinger partner off especially when you are on bed. And don't mess it up by shouting the wrong name when someone else is filling you up.

Not eveyone want to try wife swapping and the swinging lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone. You may have thought it would be fun and strengthen your relationship, but only to find out how wrong you were. However, if you want to take the next step and become a successful swinger, you'll not only need to know the meaning of swing, also how to swing. Expanding your knowledge about sex swing is essential when you choose this alternative lifestyle.

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