Top 10 Mistakes for Real Swingers Couple

A couple who decides to try swinging is typically nervous, excited, and anxious. Even though they have discussed wife swapping for hours, they may neglect a few boring things that could later improve the experience. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 mistakes real swingers make on their quest to pop their swinging cherries.

1. Get to know and play with the first couple you meet

Many swingers meet each other by way of swinger websites and swingers apps, or at swinger parties and clubs. You don't need to interact with every couple who shows an interest in you. If they are a bi swinging couple you always dream about, then go for it. But if you are uneasy or not feeling good, back off. You should enjoy your first swinging just as you get your first house or car. Being honest and polite is a good idea when explaining that you are swaying and not quite ready to commit fully.

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2. Extremely fussy or cherishable

Finding the right couple is important, but try not to get sucked into searching for the “perfect” one, as you may wind up having to wait for quite a while. If you are attending a swinging event, you might find that not everyone is going to be your cup of tea. If you still find yourself swinging virgins after a few months, regardless of their physical or intellectual abilities, then it might be time to lower your standards.

Swinging isn’t intended to find your soul mate. Once you’ve had a positive and pleasant experience, you’ll do it repeatedly, with another married couple maybe. If you want to get the most out of swinging, you’ll need to wait sometime. You don’t have to make your first foray into the world of gambling.

3. Having no ground rules (or) accepting a broken rule

Here’s a tip for setting realistic expectations about wife swapping to maintain your current relationship. Rules may be as basic as not kissing or switching for penetration, or as detailed as how you interact with others.

These rules are designed to prevent surprises at a primeval stage in a swinger’s life. With experience, you’ll be better prepared when things don’t quite work out as you planned. Later on, you will begin to understand that rules are sometimes broken without malice. If you are creating rules, consider them as general guidelines that will likely change as you go.

4. Swinging to fix a shattered relationship

Many married couples attempt to swing to salvage their ailing relationship. Sometimes, wife swapping can rekindle interest, but for most people, swinging is merely a temporary fix. A couple that has fundamental issues in their relationship, like jealousy or a lack of trust, doesn’t benefit from swinging lifestyle. At the end of the line, if you feel it’s worth a shot, take it. If you believe your relationship can be saved, then please try reconnecting more conventionally.

5. Aren’t being yourself

There’s no need for swingers to impress others by living a swinger lifestyle. Be yourself and don’t feel that you have to seem worldly/glamorous to fit in or be more outgoing than you usually are. There is a wide variety of real swingers. When you’re concerned about not fitting in with one in the swinger club, then find another couple at a swing site.

6. Connecting emotionally with the swinger couple

It doesn't mean you could't share any feelings with your match couple, but be sure to make it under your control. When you become smitten with one swinging partner to the extent that you do not want to see anyone else and even imagine meeting that hot wife alone, it’s time to break ties and find a new one. Once you meet more people and start having a glorious, casual hookup, you’ll maintain the emotional component with your partner.

7. Get squandered, trashed, or tipsy

As an adult, you probably have a moral code regarding smoking and drinking. Those who believe that ‘enhancements’ are liberal are welcome to join the swing scene with their faculties intact. Everybody needs some Dutch courage to calm their nerves, but let’s not push anyone too far to the point where they can’t remember who and where they had nook with. In their opinion, a person who is sober and knows what feels good or even right will benefit more from swinging in the early stages.

8. Swinging is always a team sport

In the early stages of swinging lifestyle, both partners will probably discover new things about themselves, which is generally a wonderful side effect of being in the scene. Although it’s fine to focus on your preferences and individual needs, remember that swinging is a team sport. There needs to be mutual agreement on whatever you want to explore.

You might have a fantasy about a transgender person, but if your partner is uncomfortable with it, then the conversation ends. Of course, it is important to discuss your interests and desires freely with your partner, but ultimately, your relationship is what matters most. Engaging in activities with other people should remain secondary and not interfere with your primary relationship. Until you’re confident that your relationship can survive swinging, only do activities together that are comfortable for both partners.

9. Combining amity with swinging

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Don’t screw up. Various great friendships have developed from swinging, and many fantastic swinging experiences have been had with boon companions. Until you are confident that you can handle awkward situations without getting upset, experts recommend that newbie swingers stay away from strangers for some time.

Although you may have had your eye on your sultry neighbor for a long time, it’s much easier to remove someone from the alternative dating sites than to move house if something goes wrong with your swinging experience. If you are engaged in an intimate activity with someone you trust and like, it may seem like a fantastic idea. However, it is better to make new friends than to pursue an unsustainable relationship.

10. Allowing swinging to take over everything

If you are excited about having new sex partners in your life, it’s easy for that excitement to invade your relationships in many ways. What’s important is to keep the excitement in moderation. Enjoy the alternative lifestyle as much as you can. It’s best to keep swinging and intimate moments separate, though blending the two for additional pleasure can sometimes be fun.


Swinging should only be enjoyable and beneficial to your relationship. The swingers who follow these suggestions will, undoubtedly, have a great time. Nowadays, more couples hook up than ever, including those married couples. Many of them are more open to finding bi swingers to have fun than ever before.

Even though the swinger lifestyle and couple dating sites are still taboo, this community is growing, and people, wherever they live, can find connections. There are many swinger websites on the web, but they are not all created equal. The key is to do some research and choose a reputable swinger dating site or app. Hotwife chat rooms can be found here, so you can enjoy chatting with people who share the same interests.

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